West Palm Beach Jr. Academy is:

God-centered * SDA Christian principles are integrated with learning to anchor students in a relationship with God and prepare them for a joyful life of service.

Results-oriented * Measureable goals are established and results are assessed to assure that student and teacher performance is cultivated to the highest possible level and teaching strategies are continually refined.

A Safe and Nurturing Environment * With the teacher as a servant-leader/coach, students master relevant, meaningful concepts. Individual learning needs are met through student-centered teaching strategies in a collaborative atmosphere.

Aligned with the Journey to Excellence * Journey to Excellence is the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist plan to improve the educational system, and focus on the essential core elements that identify the high expectations of what students should know and be able to do.

A Team Effort * Students have the best advantage when parents, teachers, college and university educators, administrators, board members, pastors, and church members are committed to developing, promoting, and maintaining a successful program.

 Adventist Edge- Educators Delivering Great Education


 Standards Based Curriculum:


Kendall/Hunt Pathways

Guided Reading- “A to Z”

Fundations Phonics (Wilson)

Creative Curriculum (Pre-K)




McDougal Littell


Houghton Mifflin

Zaner-Bloser Spelling and Handwriting



Pacific Press Science

Scott Foresman

Social Studies:


MacMillan/McGraw Hill


Prentice Hall

Standardized Testing:

  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills
  • Nationally Standardized Achievement Testing
  • Evaluates Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Years of National Research and Use
  • WrAP Writing Test
  • Writing Achievement Testing
  • Ground-breaking Technology
  • Reading Test
  • Used to Identify and Target Reading Levels


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